Waste Tires to Valuable Resources: Goenvi's Sustainable Approach

Welcome to Goenvi Technologies, a trailblazer in sustainable waste management. At Goenvi, our formal commitment is to address the critical challenge of waste tire disposal. Leveraging our innovative catalytic thermal decomposition technology, we are redefining the process of converting end-of-life hydrocarbon waste – specifically tires – into highly valuable tire-derived oil (TDO), carbon char, and syngas.

Goenvi's Sustainable Approach

Innovative Process Unveiled

Our cutting-edge patented pyrolysis process, empowered by advanced catalytic thermal decomposition technology, is the core of our innovation. It transforms discarded tires into three essential components:

Tire-Derived Oil (TDO):​

The refined TDO serves as an eco-friendly alternate fuel. This clean energy source offers a sustainable solution to reducing our reliance on conventional fossil fuels.

Carbon Char:

The carbon-rich char we produce has multi-faceted utility. It holds the potential to replace carbon in tire manufacturing, aligning with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mandates. Additionally, carbon char contributes to circular economy principles by repurposing waste for valuable applications.


Essential for the pyrolysis process, syngas serves as a fuel. It facilitates the transformation of tires into their valuable derivatives, showcasing the efficiency of our technology.

Pioneering Environmental Impact

At Goenvi, our tire-to-resources transformation strategy offers significant environmental benefits: Landfill Waste Reduction: We actively combat the unsightly and ecologically detrimental tire dumps, effectively decreasing the accumulation of waste in landfills. This contributes to a healthier environment, preventing soil and water contamination.

Carbon Footprint Mitigation:

Our commitment to sustainable fuel production directly addresses greenhouse gas emissions, fostering a transition towards cleaner energy alternatives. Circular Economy Advancement: By repurposing tires into valuable outputs, we embody the principles of the circular economy. This approach minimizes waste and promotes resource efficiency.

Recognitions and Honors

Our path has been adorned with accolades and recognition, symbolizing our dedication to innovation and sustainability. We’ve received the Indian Achiever’s Award for Innovation and triumphed in events like the Green Charcoal Hackathon by NTPC. Our participation in programs such as Climate Launchpad and the Global Entrepreneurship Program UK adds further validation.

Step into the Future with Goenvi Technologies

Join us in the journey of converting waste tires into invaluable resources. Contact us today to initiate a voyage towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Join the Journey

Embrace our mission by partnering with Goenvi. We extend our expertise in waste management consultation, guiding the transformation of tire waste challenges into sustainable avenues. As an embodiment of our commitment, we present a buyback initiative for the end products, fostering the adoption of sustainable practices.

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